Do I have to pay to be part of Rezendo?
No. To be part of Rezendo, you don't have to pay. It is for free! Most deals have a 100% cashback discount and are completely free as well. Some high quality products might cost a bit but you will get a great discount. However, you can always see exactly how much cashback you can get.
When and where should I submit my feedback?
You have 15 days to test the product. Submit your feedback within 15 days and you will receive the cashback. We will transfer the money directly to your bank account. The foundation of our community is trust, so we appreciate your reliability. Unfortunately, if you do not submit your feedback within 15 days, we will not be able to give you your cashback because the deal will be available for another member of the community. Therefore, please submit your feedback within 15 days. Thank you.
Can I get the same deal twice?
No. Since you can only rate a product once, the deal is only available for one purchase. Of course, you can buy the product multiple times, but the cashback is granted once.
Why do I need an Amazon account?
It is important for our clients that your opinion is also published on their sales channel e.g. Amazon, you need an Amazon account to publish your feedback on the defined marcetplace.
Do I have to give positive feedback?
No. Please give your honest feedback. If there are clear defects, you will help the retailer with honest feedback, to improve the product.
Why does the deal display several products?
These are set-deals. These products have to be purchased and reviewed individually. To receive your cashback, your have to rate each product . When you submitted your feedback for each product, you will get your cash back.
Should the shipping be included in my feedback?
No. Only refer to the product itself. The shipping is not part of your product feedback.
Do I have to take part in surveys?
Yes. We do do not ask you to take part in surveys regularely. But if we do, please take part in them to help the retailer/producer to improve the product.
Who has access to my personal information?
Your feedback will be anonymised in our internal system. Since you are using the deal and Cashback promotion through a direct purchase on Amazon, the merchant does not know that you are "testing" his product and your data is fully protected. Please find our privacy policy on our website.
Do I have to answer every question of a survey?
Please answer general questions. If you do not want to answer personal questions, feel free not to answer them.
What do I need to take part?
You only need an Amazon-account! It would be great if you already rated some products on Amazon. If you did not rate products yet, lets start here. Welcome to Rezendo!
My application was declined, why?
Sometimes, we do get too many applications to accept all of them. Please wait a few weeks and apply again. We are sorry!
When does the product arrive?
Generally, you will receive the product from Amazon after you have purchased it. If the retailer uses a different shipping service provider, you will get notified. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you can arrange a delivery date with the shipping service provider or have the product delivered to a neighbor.
The product is damaged, should I give feedback anyways?
No. Please do only rate products if they arrived safely and undamaged. If the product is damaged, please inform us immediately. We will tell you what to do shortly.
Can I dispose a damaged product or should I send it back?
As you purchase the product regularly via the sales channel of the retailer, you have the right to return a damaged product. But please contact us too. This is important because we would like to discuss the situation with our client as well.
How does the cashback system work?
The retailers provide a certain number of products with a fixed cashback value. Decide which product you like and click on the "save deal" button. Once you grabbed the deal, you can purchase the product directly via Amazon using the link we provide. After receiving and testing the product please rate it. It would be great to receive your honest feedback and please let us know what you think. Once we received your feedback, you will get your money back from us (not from the retailer). This usually happens automatically within 5 working days by bank transfer, you don't have to do anything. Just check your bank information.
When will I get my cash back?
After you have submitted your feedback, you will get the cash back within 5 working days. Please check your bank information.
Do you guarantee that I well get my cash back?
Yes. We appreciate your trust deeply. Once you have submitted your feedback in our system, you will get your money back.
What happens, if I do not rate the product?
Unfortunately, we can not give you your cashback in this case. We are sorry! But if you just forgot to give your feedback because you have been on vacation or because of other circumstances, just write us an email and we will check if we can extend your feedback deadline.
How much cashback do I get?
Each merchant chooses the cashback discount individually. Usually you will get up to 100% cashback!
How much cashback do I get?
Each merchant chooses the cashback discount individually. Usually you will get up to 100% cashback!